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About our app

Users’ recognition, in some diverse situations, is evolving and it’s becoming even more digital, whether by fingerprint or by iris recognition or face details. For recognition become more and more reality, it is necessary to test some algorithms on many users as possible, in order to ascertain the best one. Recogapp Group is a university group of investigation whose focus is the study of iris recognition algorithms, which are mostly linked to security and some are already on your smartphone. For the group can perform test more accurately needed to develop a computer application to collect needed data to test the algorithms, this system consists of a website and a mobile application that will collect photos submitted by users that wants to collaborate with the project.

How it works?

Users install an application on their mobile phones and under the conditions of each study, take pictures and submit them. The photographs are stored in a database of images for later use in algorithms tests.

Several studies are created by investigators to get photos according to some investigation criteria which influence the detection of the eye zone, like accessories that people are using and conditions that affect image quality like the local where the photos are taken. It’s also possible filter users, if an investigator wants to create a study to test the algorithm only on blond people or with light eyes, for example.

What can I gain?

By joining and participating you’ll be helping in the evolution of iris recognition’s algorithms, making them the most safe and reliable possible. These algorithms you will use on your smartphone, daily on your home, work, etc. And there will be a ranking with virtual trophies for the best and fastest users who complete the goals set for the studies.

Your feedback is important to us

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